Tuesday, 30 April 2013


 Your Subconscious mind is one of the most powerful forces in the universe.Most of us usually hear  the terms –mind,subconscious mind,superconscious mind,unconscious mind –often.However it is interesting to note that a
vast majority of us simply gloss over the terms.We use them interchangeably,whereas they occupy a strict place in the psychological field.What is even more intriguing is that a lot of us are not clear about the location of the mind either
.Here again we confuse it with the brain.The mind is not the brain.The mind is a lager phenomenon which encompasses the brain.The brain is only a small part of the huge phenomenon called mind.The mind is a concept;whereas the brain is only a physical organ of the human body.Of course there are many other technical details which we will not dwell upon here.
The best possible way to get in touch with your mind is through silence. Be still and listen to your subconscious mind.
Sometimes you ,may  be searching for an answer to a perplexing problem and the solution may appear elusive.yet if you stay tuned in to the incredible subconscious mind the answer will come…..maybe the next day or next week.
You just need to be alert and have your antennae up. The answer may come from something outside of you.Perhaps after you wake up you may simply discover an inexplicable clarity in your thoughts about the necessary action required. Perhaps you may read or hear something that may lead you on to your solution. Possibly you run into a friend and they may say something that may help you decide. Merely being patient and not thinking too much about it can be of immense help. Running around in a frenzy  only  delays the answer from coming to you.
If you need help with a problem or are in a situation where you have to make a tough decision and don’t know what is best for you ask your subconscious mind for help.   The best part is that the answer invariably comes .It never fails.Surely you have witnessed the power of your subconscious mind when you tell yourself at bedtime what time you are going to wake up the next day;and it happens as you desire,effortlessly.
So the next time you feel flummoxed by any lingering problem,take my advice.Simply hand over the subject to your subconscious mind.Sit back ,relax and wait for the magic to unfold!

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