Sunday, 14 April 2013


 You are constantly looking outside yourself to solve your problems.Where ever you go your problem will follow you.Even if ,one fine day, miraculously all your current problems are wiped out,you will again find yourself surrounded by similar problems -soon.That's because of your mind.
Your main problem is "disquiet",born of comparison.Comparison leading to expectation.Expectation leading to dissatisfaction.
     So ,essentially ,your problems are not outside.They're inside .When odour  is inside you ,you will encounter it every where you go.
     You may constantly keep changing your neighbourhoods,your cities,your countries.Only the sights will change but the odour will remain.It will keep resurfacing and appear overpowering.
     So merely altering one sensory input alone will not do.
     In the mean time your life will keep scudding past you.
     It may make more sense to  look within.At yourself.Look inside and see how you're interpreting reality around you.How are you visualising you future?What kind of possibilities of the future are you dwelling upon?Do they appear foreboding?Are they causing you discomfort?Are your feelings and emotions disturbed by your thought process?

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